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What Are Online Betting Odds? The Most Popular Types Today

When engaging in online sports betting, understanding betting odds is crucial. These are the odds provided by bookmakers for a match, which players use to choose their bets for the best chance of winning. These odds are offered for reference, helping players make informed betting decisions and increase their chances of success. So, what exactly are online betting odds? What types of bets exist, and how are they read?

What Are Online Betting Odds?

Online betting odds, also known as bookmaker odds, are figures provided by betting companies to balance the playing field between two teams in a specific match. These odds are carefully calculated by bookmaker legit experts before being offered to players. When participating in betting, players use these figures to analyze and make the most beneficial betting decisions.

Bookmakers compile odds for various sports, forming a table that is updated 5-7 days before a match begins. Understanding these figures is essential for players, as it helps in making decisions and determining the stakes. Note that bookmaker odds are predictions and can fluctuate constantly. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly understand the types of bets and their winning probabilities when betting.

The Most Common Types of Online Betting Odds

Bookmakers offer many types of betting odds, each with different names. Here are the most popular and prevalent online betting odds:

Asian Handicap Odds

Asian Handicap odds, also known as Handicap, Macao odds, etc., are prevalent in most bookmakers and widely chosen by players. In Asian Handicap betting, the two teams in a match are divided into the upper hand (favorite) and lower hand (underdog) teams. The handicap between the two teams is a multiple of 0.25, with specific figures assigned by the bookmaker for individual matches.

Handicap bets are calculated over 90 minutes of play, including injury time but excluding extra time. Bookmakers also offer first-half and second-half Asian Handicap odds for added variety and engagement.

On the odds table, the handicapping team is identified with a minus sign (-), while the underdog team is marked with a plus sign (+). The bold decimal number beside it represents the payout rate if you win.


In the match between MU and Brentford, with a handicap of 1-1/4, MU has a payout rate of 0.95, and Brentford has a rate of 2.55. This means:

  • Betting $10 on MU, if MU wins by a 1-goal margin, you lose half the stake.

  • If MU wins by 2 or more goals, your payout is $10 + $10×0.95.

  • If MU draws or loses, you lose the entire bet.

  • Betting $10 on Brentford, if Brentford wins, your payout is $10 + $10×2.25.

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European Odds

European odds are simple, easy to understand, and ideal for beginners. This type of bet has three outcomes: Win, Draw, or Lose. It is determined by the match result, regardless of the number of goals or other factors.

On the betting odds table, European odds are marked as 1×2. Bookmakers set different payout rates based on the teams' levels and performances. If the teams are evenly matched, the bookmaker will offer higher payouts for the away team.


In the Liverpool vs. West Ham match, with European odds of

  • Betting $10 on Liverpool (home team), if they win, your payout is $10 + $10×1.06.

  • Betting $10 on a draw, if the match ends in a draw, your payout is $10 + $10×6.0.

  • Betting $10 on West Ham (away team), if they win, your payout is $10 + $10×18.

Over/Under Odds

Over/Under (O/U) betting odds are popular among seasoned players. These odds are based on the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match or half.

On the online betting table, O/U odds are marked as Over/Under (O/U). Players predict whether the total goals will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the bookmaker's set figure. If the total goals match the set figure, the bet is a push.


In the Man City vs. Liverpool match, with O/U odds of 0.982.250.95:

  • Betting $10 on Over, if the total goals are 2, you lose half the stake, while Under wins half.

  • Betting $100 on Over, if the total goals are more than 3, your payout is $100 + $100×0.98, while Under loses the entire stake.

  • Betting $100 on Over, if the total goals are less than 2, you lose the entire stake. Under's payout is $100 + $100×0.95.

wintips – Providing Fast and Accurate Online Betting Odds

The online betting market is highly active, with hundreds of bookmakers operating. However, not all are reliable or provide accurate, timely betting odds. Some exploit bettors with deceptive odds, leading to losses.

For a trustworthy betting experience, visit reputable sites like wintips. They aggregate and update betting odds from reliable bookmakers. Reasons to use wintips include:

Continuous 24/7 Updates

wintips offers a comprehensive odds table for all major leagues and exciting matches. Players can find detailed, up-to-date odds for their interested matches, updated continuously. Additionally, you can preview odds 5 days in advance.

Match Insights and Betting Tips

wintips not only provides accurate, fast odds but also includes match insights and valuable betting tips, helping players make informed decisions. A list of top bookmakers is also available, ensuring you choose a reliable betting site.

This information should help you understand online betting odds and make suitable betting choices. Visit wintips regularly for more helpful tips and updates on betting odds.

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