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What is a football prediction? 4 Ways to place big bets and lose big

Professional bettors surely know what football talent is and how to place basic bets, right?

However, the rules and "cool" tricks need to be constantly updated, and the following article by win tips bet will help you improve your skills.

In addition, beginners should also read to supplement introductory knowledge from basic to advanced to become more proficient and luckier.

What is a football prediction?

Over/under means higher or lower, over or under, and it's the same in football.

They are bets present in all matches as well as any betting market of asian bookies indonesia.

Basically, playing this bet means the bookmaker will offer a number and you will predict whether the actual result will be higher or lower.

The Over/Under market.

However, there is a small note that over/under betting also has a handicap format so in the same match bookmakers have many different ways to bet.

You only get the amount of winning bet as stipulated on the betting ticket.

We still often understand football over/under to mean predicting the total number of goals, but in reality there are many more diverse types of bets such as: total number of cards, total number of penalties... In the match for you to choose.

Who should bet on football?

Football betting is a very attractive game and anyone can participate.

Because there is only the choice of over or under, you can easily decide.

However, the current odds are very diverse and can confuse beginners.

In fact, this way of playing is often chosen by players more and if you are new, you need to continue reading the tips below to increase your chances of winning. [Asian handicap]

How to bet on football: Basic odds reading

As mentioned above, this Over/Under bet has many odds so you need to know how to view standard football betting odds.

Here are the most common odds that you should memorize if you choose to play this way.

Bet Over/Under 0.5

This odd frequently appears and if you only see 0.5, you should understand that:

Total goals of both teams are 0: Choose Over to win, Under to draw.

If the total goals are 1 or more, then bet Over to win.

Over/Under 0.75 (0.5 - 1)

This odds is quite common and you should understand them as follows:

If the total number of goals is 0, choose Under to win.

If both teams score 1 goal: Under wins half the money, Over wins half the money.

Over/Under 1

This popular betting odd is often seen in evenly matched and important matches. Details:

If the match ends 0 - 0 then Under wins all the money.

If the total goals = 1 then the bookmaker refunds both sides.

If the total goals are 2 or more, then the bet Over will be counted as a win.

Over/Under 1.25 odds

This odd is also called 1 - 1.5 and is determined as follows:

If the total is 0 then Under wins.

If the total goals are 1 then Over wins half the money, Under wins half the money.

When the total goals are 2 or more, then Over wins.

Luck 1.5 odds

With this betting method, the calculation is quite simple as it's only about win or lose. That is:

If both teams draw 0 - 0 or the number of goals is 1 then betting Over loses.

When the total goals are 2 or more, the Over bet will receive all the winnings.

Bet Over/Under 1.75

This odds is also marked as 1.5 - 2 or 1 ¾ and the bookmaker's convention is:

Number of goals is 0: Under wins.

If the match result is 1 - 0 or 0 - 1, the winning money will be counted as Under.

When the number of goals scored is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..., then congratulations to the Over bet.

See detail: betting site with the highest payout in nigeria

Bet over/under 2

Similar to betting over 1, the calculation of any bet is quite simple. That is:

If the total goals are 0 then Under wins.

If the number of goals is 2 then the bookmaker refunds both sides.

When both teams score more than 2 goals, then count enough money for the Over bet.

Bet Over/Under 3, 4 odds have the same calculation method.

Bet over/under 2 - 2.5

This bet is also called 2 ¼ and if you see this bet in a match, you should understand that:

If the total goals are 0 or 1 then Under wins absolutely.

When both teams score 2 goals, the side betting on X wins half the money and the side betting on Over wins half the money.

If the total goals are 3 or more, then the Over wins.

Applying this formula you will know how to bet on football odds 3.25, 4.25.

Bet over 2.5

Similar to calculating odds of 1.5 but the number of goals for this odds is slightly different:

If the total goals are 0, 1, or 2 then Under wins.

If both teams score 3 or more goals, then the bookmaker wins with Over.

Similarly, betting 3.5 or 4.5 is calculated similarly taking the winning threshold as 4 or 5 goals or more.

Guide on how to calculate football betting money

Similar to Asian handicap bets, over/under betting odds have quite diverse calculation formulas.

Depending on the result of the match, the level of bet you choose, you will know the amount of winnings or losses.

If you earn enough money, it's as simple as: See more: What is over 3 3.5 under?

Winning money = Bet x Winning over/under odds.

If you win half of your money, the formula is:

Amount received = (Bet x Win/loss odds)

If you lose all, then you lose all the money for that bet and if you lose half, the bookmaker will refund half of your bet.

Top 4 ways to always win football betting

If the above is basic introductory knowledge, then in the following section I will show you how to always win.

Read, remember, and apply to succeed.

Rule of play - Always understand the rules

The rule here is how to view football betting odds, understand the odds that the bookmakers offer to guess the correct side.

If you don't know, please read the beginning of the article again. Also read more: What is "silver over under"? Origin and how to make "silver over under".

Have enough information about both teams

To know how many goals will be scored, you must know which players will play, the nature of the match, attacking or defensive play...

In general, collect and analyze all information about both teams that you have to make a more accurate assessment.

Betting on football - Smart money making

In football betting, there is a saying "taking risks will get more", but taking risks can also lead to escape.

We should have a clear investment plan, how much money to play, how many days to play...

Only then can we control the flow of money and have a plan to recover losses, be more proactive.

Choose where to play

You should choose a reputable betting site, with a good reputation and loved by many people like Tha Casino.

At that time, the money will generate more money and it will always be safe in your account waiting for opportunities to increase after each winning bet.


Therefore, THABET Casino has detailed from A to Z for you to know what football talent is and the best ways to play and earn money.

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