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Challenging roguelike RPG Dark And Darker Gold now has a distributor, Ironmace confirms, with the bold clearly set to barrage via Chaf Games.

Ironmace has accepted that Aphotic and Darker will be attainable in aboriginal admission from August 7, and that it affairs to accompany a acknowledgment to Steam.

Dark and Darker, the Diablo-esque fantasy RPG game, will now be broadcast on a Beef competitor. Afterward a accusation adjoin developer Ironmace due to declared similarities with an unannounced bold (currently advantaged P3) from Aphotic and Darker‘s above publisher, Nexon, the bold was removed from several storefronts, including Steam. Admitting this, as able-bodied as an declared badge raid, Ironmace has remained bent that the bold would still release.

On Monday,the Aphotic and Darker aggregation accepted in the game’s Discord that it has activate a benefactor for the game: Chaf Games. This has been accepted by developer ‘Graysun,’ who writes “Chafgames is our official accomplice and they are additionally allowance us prepare. Acknowledge you!”

Several Reddit accoutrement acquaint of downloading third-party audience claiming to be the game’s launcher, which Graysun has additionally debunked. They accomplish advertence to buy Dark And Darker Gold implying that the bold will accept its own downloadable client.

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